Get to know us

At Murphy Group CPAs, we deliver value to businesses, entrepreneurs, and individuals. Friendly and approachable, we are a reliable provider of comprehensive accounting and tax services. We pride ourselves on taking a personal approach to integrated, future-focused, and technology-enabled accounting, finance, and analytical solutions.

With several decades of combined accounting experience working with small businesses, startups, individuals, and Fortune 500 companies, we have the tools to provide quality services. We combine financial knowledge, hands-on experience, leadership management, emotional and social awareness, and integrity, which creates our unique approach to business management and financial planning.

Our accounting firm believes that business is enhanced when people know each other on a first-name basis. Additionally, you can trust us to maintain complete confidentiality in all areas.

Our goal is to streamline your business so that you can spend your time focusing on what matters most to you. With offices located in Scranton, Pennsylvania, and Lincroft, New Jersey, and technology that allows us to provide fully virtual services, we work with clients throughout the tri-state area. Give us a call today and discover for yourself the quality services our CPAs offer.

Core Values

We act with INTEGRITY

We believe in doing the right thing in everything we do, even when it’s not easy. We work diligently to represent our clients appropriately, apply sound judgment, deliver quality, and gain and maintain trust.

We prioritize INCLUSION

Diversity, collaboration, and inclusion are a must. Not only are they a must in society, they are a must for companies serving as leaders, uniting and working together for a greater good.


We believe in challenging traditional thinking. Technological innovation and the digital transformation will continue to disrupt business. Embracing digital technologies is imperative to the success of businesses which is why we are constantly innovating and adapting.

We lead with PURPOSE

We believe in proactively making a difference in the world. Keeping in line with our mission to reduce our carbon footprint and care for global and environmental wellness, we take the necessary steps to spread awareness and show up in service in our communities to create change and unity.

Global Mission

Our mission is deeply rooted in connecting our business with making an impact.

As a business, we lead with our core values through a purpose-driven bottom line. We continue to give back in an effort to effect change and have a positive impact on people and the planet. We do so by supporting local charities focused on global responsibility, mental and emotional wellbeing, and helping those who are less fortunate.